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The Vampire by Night

The Nightside is the esoteric side of the Temple with a base in psychodrama, ceremonial ritual, the so-called "paranormal", and the conscious control of dream states as summarized in The Dragon Speaks.

Our Nightside teachings are found in five consecutive books beginning with
The Vampire Bible and do not require Temple membership but do require a Nightside Connection.

The Nightside Connection enables you to tap into the wisdom, guidance, and skills of the truly advanced Vampire. This esoteric Connection is the source of power that makes the Temple completely unique.

Only through this Temple can this Connection be made. Here is why.

When you receive an authorized copy of Temple literature from us you are obtaining more than just a book with instructions. You are also establishing an esoteric Nightside Connection which can permit those instructions to work for you.

Nightside Vampirism is not merely absorbing Lifeforce, the esoteric energy of life that all living things radiate. Vampirism is much more than just taking in more Lifeforce from others. That is a common ability.

All of the Temple Nightside literature can be found here.

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