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History of the Temple

The Temple is the only authentic international organization in the world that represents the true Vampire religion. We have a worldwide membership and a dedicated Priesthood.

The Temple of the Vampire has been in continuous existence since its creation in 1989 when we formed our organization within the United States. We did this to allow our membership to benefit from the legal protections afforded to religion under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Membership grew slowly but steadily for the first few years, but then with the explosion of electronic communications, membership has made rapid growth over the last decade. Most members have come to the Temple through word of mouth however it is increasingly common for new members to find the Temple through social networks on the internet.

We are elitist for good reason and do not recognize any others who would make claims upon our heritage and authority. And we continue to grow internationally, offering members live support and training.

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