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The Vampire By Day

The Dayside is a basic and practical part of our religion and is summarized in
The Vampire Creed.

Dayside membership opens the door to interaction with other members in three ways:

  1. Online conversation and discussion through our message board.
  2. In-person group meetings, conclaves, workshops and seminars.
  3. Direct instruction in proven methods for achieving success.

We have hundreds of active members worldwide who post regularly on our message board with over fifty forums in seven languages to discuss everything from current events and movies, to practical sorcery and the mastery of out-of-body experience.

The Temple’s message board also has a special set of forums to allow you to arrange for confidential in-person contacts with other members. Additionally, the Temple commonly conducts international conclaves. In recent years we have had major live meetings in Australia, and all across North America and Europe.

Active Temple membership also offers you the opportunity to enter the Temple's Graded Hierarchy and pursue the Nightside Teachings. The Temple literature and especially The Vampire Bible and Revelations discuss these Teachings in some detail.

How to apply for Active Temple membership.

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