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Temple Law

Our Temple is an international church devoted to the Vampire Religion, legally formed in the United States in 1989 (not tax-exempt).

The Vampire religion requires that all members refrain from any and all criminal acts as defined by their respective governments.

To be a Vampire, a member of the Vampire religion, you are expected to behave in a responsible and adult manner within society.

The Temple of the Vampire will remove from membership
any who fail to do so.

We do not care what members do in private, provided such actions do not risk drastic public consequences.

We simply require that Our members be sensible. To be explicit, We have two very straightforward rules for Our members:

Abide by the law.

We will not tolerate any member who commits or advocates crime.

Minor legal infractions that cannot result in imprisonment are not considered to be criminal acts and are not violations of this rule.

No physical blood drinking.

We wish to avoid exposing our Temple to criminal liability
and what many consider cannibalism.

Drinking physical blood is a socially unacceptable behavior
and reveals a deep misunderstanding of our religion.

One Life. One Chance.

To be elite requires that only a few belong. Not all are worthy.

It is the responsibility of each member to aspire to be
and remain worthy of membership in this Temple.

The wise member will avoid questionable acts
or affiliations to avoid risking expulsion.

We are a private organization and reserve the right to deny
or cancel membership without notice or explanation.

Our usual disclaimer does not apply here and Temple Law is as written.

Within lies fact and fancy, truth and metaphor. Discriminate with care
· Copyright 1989-2012 Temple of the Vampire - All Rights Reserved ·