"Experience How To Become A Vampire"
A free mp3 recording

"Experience How To Become A Vampire" is a free gift from the Temple.

This audio program is intended to enable you to have an intial experience of Lifeforce to validate this aspect of Nightside Vampirism.

This is the first experience required to become a Vampire, a follower of our religion.

Once you can directly experience Lifeforce as real for yourself then it is much easier to grasp the importance and promise of the Nightside.

This program also offers a brief overview of the Temple, why it was formed, and what it offers to those like yourself who are interested in better controlling your life with or without the Nightside.

To receive this free 24 minute audio program simply email the Temple with the words
TEMPLE GIFT in the subject line.

Send your email to:


A download link where you can receive your copy will be emailed back to you within one to two days.

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