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Gate of the Temple
READ THIS FIRST before trying to register for this message board.
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(Administration) - 12/22/04 01:39 PM
Urban Myths about the Temple. (1 viewing)
FAQ - Frequently asked questions.
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Predictions of Doomsday
(Nemo) - 06/29/15 01:16 PM
Questions about the Temple.
Register at the GATE OF THE TEMPLE forum to post general questions not already answered on our website.
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Private Thread
Temple Services
Temple announcements, Cabal, and other connections between members.
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General announcements about vital membership information.
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Private Thread
CABAL Connections
Post here to connect with other Temple members for in-person meetings internationally.
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Private Thread
Essays for Temple Communication
Read and contribute writings to the whole of the Temple membership.
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Private Thread
The Mentor Program
Sign up here for one-on-one guidance from members of the Priesthood.
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Private Thread
Applying The Vampire Bible
"How to" questions on the basic practice of Vampirism and Communion. Theory and advanced questions are reserved for the Graded forums.
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Private Thread
Dayside Secrets
Practical techniques for mastering one's day-to-day life.
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Important checklists and guidance.
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Private Thread
Intrapersonal Secrets
Discussion of developing Willpower and mental strength.
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Private Thread
Immortality Secrets
Discussion of the coming future and how we can use it to achieve indefinite lifespans.
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Private Thread
Interpersonal Secrets
Discussion of ways of interacting with others to obtain the results we desire.
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Private Thread
Health Secrets
Discussion of ways of obtaining robust physical health.
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Private Thread
Survival Secrets
Discussion of methods for surviving threats to one's life.
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Private Thread
Money Secrets
Discussion of proven methods to remove debt and attain wealth in any situation.
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Private Thread
Updates on Dayside Progress (1 viewing)
Please post your progress each day on mastering your Dayside here.
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Private Thread
General Discussion
Mundane topics from a Vampiric perspective.
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Welcome new members!
Introduce yourself and be welcomed by other members.
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Private Thread
Grade Promotions
Congratulate those with new Grades.
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Private Thread
Current Events
Discussion of the modern changing world from a Temple perspective.
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Private Thread
Discussion of fictional or intriguing works related to the Temple.
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Private Thread
Travel and Bon Vivant!
Share adventure, good food, drink and other joys of immortal life!
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Private Thread
Music, Poetry, and Art
Regarding artistic endeavors, yours and others from a Temple perspective.
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Private Thread
Science and Technology
Discussion of accepted magic.
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Private Thread
Cinema from a Vampiric Perspective
For the discussion of common media and entertainment from a Temple perspective.
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Private Thread
Sound Mind in a Sound Body
Athletics, Sports, Martial Arts.
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Private Thread
Casual Discussion
For more casual topics of lesser importance.
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Private Thread
Deathism in the News
Exposing the cultural advocacy of death as "good" in the news.
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Private Thread
Evidence for the Nightside
Scientific and individual evidence of supernormal phenomena.
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Private Thread
Temple Audio Programs Reviewed
Current listing of all mp3 audio programs and reviews.
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Private Thread
Graded forums
Nightside topics including Lifeforce, astral projection, and Communion.
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First Circle
Discussion of Lifeforce and its applications
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Private Thread
Second Circle
Discussion of astral perceptions, the OBE, and contacting the Undead.
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Private Thread
Third Circle
Discussion of magic in light of the Nine Laws of Magic
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Private Thread
Fourth Circle
Discussion of the Twilight Condition
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Private Thread
Fifth Circle
Discussion amongst Adepts
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Private Thread
Dutch Forums
Forums for Vampiric discussion in Dutch
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Nederlandstalige losse discussies 6 21
Private Thread
Nederlandstalige Dagzijde discussies 17 71
Private Thread
Nederlandstalige introducties 8 43
Private Thread
French Forums
Forums for Vampiric discussion in French
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Discussion d'ordre g�n�ral en fran�ais 19 72
Private Thread
Discussion relative � la Face Diurne en fran�ais 43 189
Private Thread
Introductions fran�aises 15 122
Private Thread
German Forums
Forums for Vampiric discussion in German
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Allgemeine Diskussionen auf Deutsch 19 146
Private Thread
Vorstellungen auf Deutsch 9 72
Private Thread
Diskussion der Tagseite auf Deutsch 53 235
Private Thread
Greek forums
Forums for Vampiric discussion in Greek
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Twilight discussion in Greek 1 1
Private Thread
Nightside discussion in Greek 1 1
Private Thread
Introductions in Greek 8 24
Private Thread
Italian Forums
Forums for Vampiric discussion in Italian
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Discussione Generale in Italiano 5 12
Private Thread
Discussione del Lato Diurno in Italiano 8 22
Private Thread
Introduzioni Italiani 2 10
Private Thread
Spanish Forums
Forums for Vampiric discussion in Spanish
  Forums Threads Posts Last Post
Discusi�n Casual en Espa�ol 19 100
Private Thread
Discusi�n del Lado Diurno en Espa�ol 33 171
Private Thread
Introducciones en espa�ol 6 24
Private Thread