The Law of Attraction Question


Do you try to use the Law of Attraction but for some reason you just don't see the results you want?

Do you think positive and even feel positive but you still seem to just keep losing?

Do you only have good luck with things that donít matter much?

Are you finding parking places more often but still losing out on the things you really want?

Such as having enough money, the right kind of job, the right partner, and good health?

Maybe you are not really doing anything really wrong.

Maybe you just are missing some key secret about the Law of Attraction that would actually make it work for you!


If you are totally satisfied with your experiences with the Law of Attraction then this website is not intended for you.

However, if you have found that despite your efforts to apply the Law of Attraction you still remain dissatisfied or frustrated, then these suggestions may solve your problem.

It is possible that the reason you have not succeeded in manifesting your important desires is because you are missing something about how the Law of Attraction really works.

If that is true, then what you are about to read here could be the most important thing you will ever learn!


The Law of Attraction was first mentioned by name in the early part of the twentieth century.

In 1906 William Walter Atkinson wrote Thought Vibration or the Law of Attraction in the Thought World.

In 1926 Ernest Holmes wrote Basic Ideas of Science of Mind.

In 1949 Dr. Raymond Holliwell wrote Working with the Law.

Beginning in the 1990s the Law of Attraction was featured in the articles and books of Jerry and Esther Hicks.

In 2007 the successful book The Secret was released as an equally successful DVD that discussed the Law of Attraction as its main theme.

Yet the Law of Attraction itself is much, much older.

The oldest documented written source for it comes from about 800 AD in the Kitab Sirr al-Asrar also known as The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

Claims are also made that it is actually many thousands of years old and came from ancient Egypt or even earlier in time.

But merely because something is old does not mean that the current version is complete.


The Law of Attraction simply states that what you mentally expect to happen will tend to physically take place.

Over 300 years ago Sir Isaac Newton expressed it this way in his translation of the Emerald Tablet:

ďThat which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing.Ē

So what is missing?

Why do you not seem to be able to make the Law of Attraction work for you?

Actually the answer is that nothing is ďmissingĒ.

Nothing is missing and the Law of Attraction is working perfectly for you Ė it is just that you are not getting what you actually want!

You are getting other things (or nothing at all) because that is what you have been unknowingly expecting!

It isnít your fault.

You just didnít understand exactly how the Law of Attraction really works.


To be blunt you are still expecting other things to happen and so they do.

And the answer to changing that is NOT to just try harder.

The answer is to discover what is causing you to expect what you really donít want.


When you have tried to apply the Law of Attraction and you donít get what you are trying to focus on, what is really happening?

For example, you might have wanted to attract more money, better health or a romantic relationship.

Instead you lost money, got sick and felt lonely.

Ask yourself this:

Did you truly expect that what you wanted would happen?

Did you really expect that you would become wealthy, become healthy, or find the right person?

Did you really?

Or did you just ďtryĒ to believe, but lurking in the back of your mind was the uneasy feeling that nothing would change and you were just kidding yourself.

Isnít that what was also going on?

Just think about it.


Even before you begin to work on attracting what you want, you have to notice that you donít have it.

You have to notice the lack.

It is very hard to ignore the fact that you donít have something while you are attempting to focus on having it.

It is even harder to allow yourself to believe that it can happen to you if it never has before.

Or if you canít imagine how it could happen.

You might be attempting to manifest wealth or health or romance but the very fact that you want it causes you to focus on the fact that it isnít there.

You canít help this.


Try it. You canít do it.

In order to remember to not think about green monkeys, you have to first think about green monkeys.

In order to remember to not think about the lack of what you desire, you have to first think about that lack.

This is not a small trap to fall into.

It is the biggest trap in the world.

If every time you try to think about what you want but doing so makes you focus on the simple fact that you still donít have it, then the Law of Attraction brings you more of what you still donít have.

If you are focused on lack then you attract more lack.

What you emotionally expect is what comes to you.

You canít lie to yourself and this creates a problem.


The problem boils down to the fact that you lack confidence that what you want can actually happen.

You look around and what you want isnít there.

You try to get yourself to think about what you desire BUT the nagging feeling comes up that you are just wasting your time and are kidding yourself.

You have good reasons why your wishes seem unbelievable to you.

They ARE unbelievable.

You simply cannot imagine how they can happen.

So the Law of Attraction manifests what you are really expecting Ė failure.

If you could somehow know that you COULD have what you want, if that seemed really possible to you, then you wouldn't have this problem.

For example, if you had good reason to believe that you truly could gather enough money to be wealthy, your little nagging voice of doubt would shut up.

If you had good reason to expect that your health really could improve, then your doubts would vanish.

If you were inwardly certain that you could meet the right person and have the right relationship then you would easily be able to imagine how that would feel.

In fact, the Law of Attraction is only blocking what you want because you do have good reasons to doubt that what you want can actually happen.

And there is only one thing that causes you to think this.


The cause is only one word, just one single thing.

It may sound impossible but there is only one single cause for this problem.

But that is the ultimate truth and the missing secret for making the Law of Attraction really work for you instead of against you.

The only reason that you have these doubts that block your success is because you do not think you have enough of just one thing:


Yes, the cause for your failures is that you believe you do not have enough time.

It is just that simple.


Think of anything you really want to have.

If you had at least one hundred years of active life to look forward to in order to make it happen, could you make it happen in a century?

Surprisingly, the answer is YES!

Take money.

If you had another century of life to save some money, donít you think that you could create a huge amount of wealth?

Doesnít it seem much more reasonable that if you had enough time to save even a small amount of money that after a few decades you would become rich?

Just a few dollars sitting in an ordinary savings account will grow to millions in fifty to one hundred years.

Take health.

If you could live another one hundred years donít you think that medical research would end up finding cures for everything that ails you, including being old?

Doesnít it seem believable to you that if you could live another 100 years that you could take advantage of these medical breakthroughs and become healthy and young?

Permanent cures for diseases are being discovered almost daily. In just a few more years you can expect they all will be.

Given enough time your health would be assured.

Take relationships.

If you could live for 100 years donít you think you would sooner or later run across the right person just for you?

Doesnít that seem very believable?

If you only met one person a year, that would be one hundred new people you would meet over the next century.

Doesn't it seem likely that over that amount of time you will meet the person you have been looking for?

It really is all a matter of having enough time to achieve any goal you can imagine.


You are expecting that you will run out of time before you can get what you want.

It is because you think you will not live long enough that you doubt that you can achieve your desires.

It is because you expect that you will have to die before you could achieve your goals and manifest your desires.

And this sense of not having enough time is what blocks you.


Inside your deepest mind you cannot fool yourself.

You look at a goal you want to have happen but you are faced with reality.

You do not have what you want now and you donít see how it can happen.

But if you knew for a fact that you could live for at least another one hundred years then that would change everything.

No matter what the goal, if you knew you had another century to make it happen you could easily believe in it.

Then when you would think about your desires you would no longer have that inner block, that little nagging feeling that you were only lying to yourself.

You would already know that with another one hundred years you certainly could expect to get rich, benefit from the medical breakthroughs to be young and healthy, meet the right person -

...Or whatever other goals you have no matter what they are!

Time is the problem.

Knowing that you will have to die in a few short years stops you from being able to believe that you really could have what you want.

So you block your desires from happening.


What if you discovered that it was possible to lengthen your years with health and youthful energy?

What if you actually could expect that you could live for another century or even longer?

Wouldnít that change everything for you?

Wouldnít that knowledge enable you to focus on your goals free of any meaningful doubts?

And if you were free of doubts then the Law of Attraction would no longer work against you.

It would work for you.

Everything you would want would start to come at you faster and faster.

Once you removed the inner blocks of doubt, you would attract what you expected to have happen Ė personal happiness and fulfillment!

So the answer to overcoming the internal mental trap that has frustrated you so very much is to know that you can and will live long enough.


You need to know that you can live on, strong and healthy and youthful.

In other words, the longer you could honestly and realistically expect to live, the easier it will be for you to be positive and optimistic about your desires.

In this way the Law of Attraction will then bring you what you really do want.

The longer you can expect to live, the better the Law of Attraction can work for you.

If you could rely on two hundred years then that would be better than one hundred years.

Three hundred would be better than two hundred.

Longer is better.


That may seem impossible.

It isnít.

In fact we offer hard evidence that this option is almost here.


The real world is not always filled with sweetness and light.

There do exist some harsh realities and to attain unending life may require that you look at some of them.



You may have to rethink some assumptions you have made or rules about life and spirituality that you have been taught.

But if you have the willingness to tell yourself the truth and leave behind the frustrations of the past, we challenge you to look deeper at what we offer.


It may require some courage.

It may require a willingness to look past surface appearances.

However if you are serious about discovering the truth we trust that you can do so.

The ultimate secret to make the Law of Attraction work for you is to know you can live forever.


That is exactly what we offer.

We hope you will consider it.

We offer eternal life.

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