The Vampire Test

How much do you agree with the views of
real Vampires?

There are five levels of understanding that real Vampires share.

Just read each of these five statements and ask yourself if you agree with them:


(1) Do you tend to think for yourself rather than accept the opinions of others?

(2) Do you tend to trust your own experience even when others disagree with you?

(3) Do you tend to expect that life is worth living rather than an endless burden to endure?

(4) If you won the lotto would that probably make you feel happy instead of guilty?

(5) Do you tend to value your own life and those you love more than the lives of others?

Read the above five statements and then
click here to compare your views with those of real Vampires

Test Everything - Believe Nothing.
Within lies fact and fancy, truth and metaphor. Discriminate with care
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