The Vampire Question


Are you attracted by the majesty and power of the Vampire as portrayed in fiction but when you look at the real world find only crass or silly imitations?

Do you find yourself drawn by the mystery of the night with an intense yearning for something unnamed, but when you seek out the reality it is always disappointing and mundane?

Do you discover yourself wondering what it would be like to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you could live forever but find yourself surrounded by people who consider that a pointless and impossible desire?

Do you often wonder if there might truly be something real and attainable about the Vampire of legend but are only frustrated in finding human beings who merely wear makeup and clearly live in self-deluded pretense?

Do you somehow feel that behind the myth of the Vampire there might be some hidden reality, some powerful and intelligent group of individuals who know something important, something secret – something that sets them apart from the press of mortal humanity?

Do you simply know that there must be something to the Vampire of legend and find that despite disappointment after disappointment this inner knowing drives you to continue to seek it out?


If you think you have already found what you seek and are satisfied with what you have found then this website is not intended for you.

However, if you have discovered that despite your efforts to penetrate the secrets regarding real Vampires you remain dissatisfied or frustrated, then these suggestions may finally resolve your problem.

It is entirely possible that the reason you have not succeeded in your quest is because you were simply unaware of where to look for the real answers.

If that is true, then what you are about to read here could be the most important thing you have ever done.


The Temple started it all.

We are the first and we remain uniquely alone.

In 1989 the Temple of the Vampire emerged into public awareness as the world’s first and only true religion of Vampirism.

The Vampire Bible was published and made publicly available, offering the hidden Nightside Teachings of the Undead to those “with eyes to see” for the first time in recorded history.

Always before any who were Contacted were required to remain silent.

Prior to this grand public experiment, the Teachings were to be found in fragmented and often deliberately distorted form.

These were hosted in various religions and societies such as Gnosticism, Freemasonry, Medieval Alchemy, and the like.

However the rule for those who then found the Teachings and were initiated was silence utter and complete.

The candidate for acceptance as a Vampire could only prepare himself in a limited fashion for Contact.

Once accepted, they could not speak or teach.

“Those who speak do not know and those who know do not speak.”

This was the law until the Temple was approved as a public experiment to reach out to those whose Heritage was otherwise unknown to them.


The Temple continues to offer those few with potential the authentic alternative to mere faith or trust or belief.

The Temple requires that you test everything, believe nothing, and in that way discover what is true for yourself.

We will never ask you to accept anything on faith.

We will never expect you to merely believe anything we tell you.

Additionally, we will never ask you to dress up like a buffoon or use drugs or commit crimes or otherwise embarrass yourself in public.

The Temple is a secret society. Your membership need never be revealed to any other.

We offer a safe haven in which to learn the effective and practical secrets of wealth, health, survival, life extension, and even three methods to achieve physical immortality - two based on science, and the other based upon our own traditions.

And for those of you so inclined, there is also the serious effort to delve into the paranormal to master the skills of authentic magic, an advanced technology for altering physical reality in accordance with your will and desires.

Upon this bedrock of reality we have built this Temple.


You have been drawn to the image of the Vampire or you would not be reading this.

It is not a coincidence that you have come to these words.

The next steps to consider are quite simple.

We ask you to let go of any former beliefs, former assumptions, and former limitations.

We ask you to rise above the fearful obedience of the average human being who clings to his comforting childhood storybook tales of heaven and hell, angels and demons.

We ask all those who have encountered the pretense of the “dress-up vampire” to see the imitation for what it is and to discover the authentic reality.

If you, in your heart of hearts, are Vampire you will feel the draw of the Night and the desire to possess real power in the real world.

You will reject the deceptions offered by those who are less than this.

You will cease to give credence to the shallow, the destitute, and the weak.

You will desire life, power, and earthly mastery.

You will settle for nothing less.


That may seem impossible.

It isn’t.

In fact we offer hard evidence that this option is almost here for anyone who seriously wants it.

What if you discovered that it was truly possible to lengthen your years with health and youthful energy?

What if you actually could expect that you could live for another century or even longer?

Wouldn’t that change everything for you?

Given enough time what couldn’t you accomplish?

The primary definition of what a Vampire is begins with immortality – to possess a life that will never have to end.

This is exactly what we have to offer.


The real world is not always filled with sweetness and light.

There are some harsh realities that do exist and to attain unending life may require that you look at some of them.



You may have to rethink assumptions you have made, or rules about life and spirituality that you have been taught.

But if you have the willingness to tell yourself the truth and leave behind the errors of the past, we challenge you to look deeper at what we offer.


It may require some courage.

It may require a willingness to look past surface appearances.

However if you are serious about discovering the truth we trust that you can do so.

The first secret regarding the reality of the Vampire is to discover that you can live forever.

With enough time, you can then uncover the hidden truths that lie behind each and every one of the other qualities of the Vampire – power, wealth, magic, and unending pleasure.


That is exactly what we offer.

We hope you will consider it.

We are Vampires.

Test Everything - Believe Nothing.
Within lies fact and fancy, truth and metaphor. Discriminate with care
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